Gibbs Reflective Cycle



Week 3 Blogs

In week 3 of PDP we looked at the structure of a blog. This lesson was quite confusing for me as it is something i have never done before and have no experience with.

We looked at-

Definition of a blog

Why people create blogs?

Content of a blog

Analysing real-life blogs and identifying key features

Identifying a topic for blog development

I found this lesson very interesting and enjoyed looking at various blogs and the different content on each one. However the actual construction of the blog was still a worry for me as my knowledge of computers is limited. This is something that i would have to put a lot of research into.

Week 2 Honey and Mumford: Learning Styles Questionnaire

In this lesson the class completed the Honey and Mumford questionnaire. This was to determine our own personal learning styles. It consisted of a series of 80 questions we had to tick or cross. At the end of the questionnaire we had to add up the amount of circled questions in the relevant colums.





The results of this questionnaire showed that my learning style was Activist this shows that I learn by doing, eg  Activists need to get their hands dirty and dive in with both feet first. I have an open-minded approach to learning and  involve  myself fully and without bias in new experiences.

I found this information extremely interesting and will certainly put this into practice when approaching future tasks although it has also made me think about trying to use other learning styles to also inprove my performance.

Week 1 Skills – A Self Assessment

In the first week of the PDP module we completed a skills assessment questionaire. In this questionaire we had to mark each section on a score from 1-5 on how we saw ourselves at the beginning of the year.

Study Skils

Writing Skills

Oral Communication Skills

Time Management

Information Technology

Working with Others

Problem Solving

The whole idea of this questionaire is to see where we begin and as the course progressing, we will be able to reflect on on what we have learnt and evaluate how we have progressed.

Hello world!

So this is my blog!

So part of my uni assignment for PDP is to create a blog and update it with information about my ‘Learning Journey’. So why has it took me so long? Well firstly, the fact that i am not very good with computers to start with was a huge hurdle to say the least! Also the word ‘blog’ scared me half to death. Alongside all this fear of the (computer) unknown, was also the fear of actually starting the work. I dont believe i am a lazy person however i do believe that i am a’stick my head in the sand’ kind of person, and this has obviously been the first hurdle of my journey. So now i have achieved my first goal of starting my work, and its almost like starting a race……once you get going you know you cannot stop!

My aim this week is to plough on with my work, i have already started planning what day i will be working on what assignments. So organisation and determination are this weeks words. Tomorrow my aim is to get through the main bulk of the WRL assignment and then begin on the Business Law. Strangely i feel better already….let the work commence!


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